Indie Jones Travels is a website dedicated to independent travel, featuring stories, thoughts and adventures from fifteen years of exploration.  With a particular eye on the historical angle, especially in drawing out those stories not familiar to western audiences, Indie also likes a challenge, and is full of concepts and ideas for your next adventure, big or little.

The joy of independent travel and of ‘doing it yourself’ gives you the opportunity to have your trip your way.  It gives you the freedom to linger in the places that interest you, or clear on out of those that don’t.  Shorn of a travel agent’s mark up, it is cheap, flexible, and open to all.  You will eat what you want, where you want, when you want, and see only the sights from which you will get the most.

The world is shrinking, but so is our free time.  Yes, we’d all love to spend all of our time on holiday, dropping off the grid for long periods to really get away from it all.  But for most of us that simply isn’t an option: real life gets in the way.  But just because you can’t spend months at a time, exploring every nook and cranny, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.  For most of us in the modern world, getting away to see what we can is the most that we can hope for, and it is amazing what you can do in even a couple of weeks away from the office.  Approaching everything with a mindset that allows you to blow with the wind, empowers you to head off and have an adventure in your own way and on your own terms.

Indie has globe-trotted through almost ninety countries in the last decade in search of exciting and interesting challenges.  En route, he has caught a train from Bristol to China, sailed 2,500 miles of the Amazon, and been crowned World Tuktuk Racing Champion in India.  Indie is a firm believer that even if you are constrained by the commitments of real life, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have an adventure.  After all, he’s an accountant.


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